Veterans Day Gifts and Decoration Ideas

After years of service to mankind everyone veteran deserves a reward. Written or not every gift conveys a message. Here is a list of ideas of carefully thought out gifts that suit many years of hard work and dedication:

  • A custom made gold dipped golf ball with a matching tee presented in a velvet pouch that is black in color.
  • Ring; uniquely made genuine campaign rings.
  • A customized flower vase with a message to the recipient such as, ‘Hard work and Dedication’
  • A door mat with an embodied message.
  • Custom made coins made of brass.

When it comes to event decorations there is no limit to what you can do. There are so many ideas but the secret is on how to harmonize them. Here are some of the ideas:

  • veterans day doorYou can use a paper garland to inspire the theme on flat and easily visible surfaces.
  • Paper bunting is also an easy and affordable idea that can come in handy in case there is any message you want to convey such as, ‘HAPPY VETERANS DAY!’
  • Balloon can act as perfect backdrops especially if photo sessions are expected. The secret here is that the colors have to blend with other decorations; you can never go wrong with white.
  • If the event is likely to go into the night neon balloons and LED balloons can do the trick. If it’s an outdoor event you can also incorporate jar lanterns hanged at strategic points such as trees. The secret here is color and pattern.
  • Graffiti walls in outdoor events have become the in thing.
  • Paying attention to details is key. Use space creatively by use of cupcake stands, circular blunting (here you can creatively decorate old CDs and hang them) and chicken wire installation.

These are just some of the special ways we can appreciate these brave men and women who have given society so much. They deserve it!